Trip Overview

We may always happen to associate a village to an undeveloped and rural area with thatched huts and wells. But what we tend to overlook are the lush green fields, cool fresh breeze, wandering around freely without a care in the world and of course, the privilege of evading the bloodsucking traffic! There lies its own kind of beauty in walking on mud roads, cycling to the near-by general store, or lying leisurely under the cool shade of a tree on a lazy afternoon. A Mumbai village tour could offer you the perfect retreat from the hectic city hustle and bustle! Indian villages are what form the real India. A village tour in India is a must if you really want to get to know it. You can interact with the villagers on an individual basis which will give you a first-hand knowledge of village life. You can appreciate and buy pieces of authentic Warli art as a souvenir of the village. You can say you’ve had the real taste of India if you’ve sat on a charpoy in the shade of a hay shed of a friendly local villager and eaten a meal of dal tadka and bhakri. And this is an experience you can have only once you’ve taken a village tour on the outskirts of the city.

Mumbai may be a concrete jungle, but less than a 100 km away, the serene villages lend you a breath of fresh air. Boulevard Wanderer’s Village tour offers you the perfect such experience. We cover all the aspects of a perfect village tour that gives you a chance to observe and appreciate life among nature as it is. Our brilliant guides are an added bonus, as they enrich your experience and knowledge about the places.

As per your convenience the travel of trip to the village can be customized-

• Travel by AC car- this would help you escape the Mumbai heat!
• Travel by local train- using the local trains of Mumbai, the daily commute of millions every day, will give your tour a more realistic

Don’t miss out on the villages of India- they make India stand out.


Visit to a French themed bakery (The only Frech themed and decent bakery in the village)

Visit to a 150 years old village (It’ll take you back in the black and white days)

Interacting with the villagers and having a brief introduction of the village by our expert guide

Sneak peek into warli art works (Warli painting)

Visit to the hostel of local village students and also a chance to play cricket with them for a while.

Lunch Time (Eating authentic hygienic local food)

Visit to a Jain temple (Complete temple made up of marbles)

Drive to local places in Village

Visit to a local school

Visit to the serene and beautiful beach of village. (which is a stretch of 18 kms within the village)

Available Days

It’s a one-day tour and available on all days.

Timings: 8am to 8pm

Start/End Points

Pick up from the hotel and drop at the same hotel on the same day.

Pick up time: Morning 8am IST

Drop time: evening 8pm IST

Number of People (Group size)

Minimum: two

Maximum: 12

Select price

Services Price for one Price for two or more Price for Six or more Car service/transfer
Village Wandering (Minimum 2 persons) 4000 2 to 6 -, 3500 each 7 to 12 -, 2500 each included